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Dr Seth G began completed his first book, Billy Bean: The Life and Music of a Jazz Guitar Legend in 2012. A comprehensive biography, an abridged edition was made available shortly thereafter for readers interested only in the biographical portions of the original two-volume edition. The second edition was released in 2018.

Next, he set out to write a series designed to help guitarists learn how to build all basic chord types from triads (i.e., three-note chords) to six-note chords: A Guitarist Guide to Chord Construction was born. A two-volume series, the first focuses on only Root-position chords; the second continues to build upon the first but focuses on chord inversions.

His fourth book, Harmonizing Melodies, is due for release later in 2019. This book aims to teach guitarist how to harmonize any melody, regardless of musical style.

Amazon offers only hard copies of the books above; however, all books available in printed and digital formats through Midoriyama Publishing.

Free video tutorials are now available on Dr Seth G’s YouTube channel: DrSethG.