Forty Guitarists to Check Out (Part I: 1-20)


Over the years, I have come to find that many enthusiastic guitar students have little or no familiarity with highly accomplished guitarists of different musical genres. Some of these guitarists are better-known; others are more obscure. (The focus is more on the latter than former.) Regardless of the fame achieved or lack thereof, the following guitarists are certainly worth checking out. 

The order of appearance is in no way a ranking. With so many great, lesser-known guitarists, deciding which guitarists to not include proved a substantial challenge; however, including every deserving guitarist would make for an impossibly long list.

 All of the guitarists have cultivated a unique musical sound (i.e., each guitarist's playing is almost instantly recognizable.) 

The musical selections offer only a glimpse into the depth of talent of each guitarist. You are encouraged to dig deeper and listen to more of the guitarist's work.

I have withheld commentary on each player. Listen with ears, mind, and heart open; from there, you should be able to at least understand the value of each guitarist—even if the style is not to your taste. (Keep in mind that tastes can change radically over time.)

Click on the name of each player to access biographical information.

Lonnie Johnson (1889-1970)

Dr. Seth Greenberg