Guitars, Amps, and Speakers


Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Depending on the styles of music performed, I alternate between three guitars:

  • Contemporary music: Custom Marblehead electric guitar made by skilled luthier Matt Levonian. Combining a tele and strat, the guitar has an incredible sustain.

  • Classical music: Alvarez acoustic nylon string guitar from the early 1980s with a Fishman pickup.

Custom Tube Amplifiers and Kerry Wright speaker cabinets

A custom tube amplifier made by electronics wizard Gary McCellan. Depending on the venue, I run the amplifier through either a 12" or 15" custom speaker cabinet made by Kerry Wright. Kerry makes the best-sounding cabinets I have ever heard! Jim Cole, a great friend, is a walking encyclopedia of guitar knowledge and continues to be a tremendous help on my tone quests.

Dr. Seth Greenberg